what is a pheromone trap?

what is a pheromone trap?

Pheromone traps are used to attract insects and moths in agriculture field. It uses pheromone lures to attract the insects. A pheromone impregnated lure, encased in a trap such as bottle, funnel etc can be used as pheromone trap. Pheromone traps are very sensitive and can attract the insects at very low densities. Trapped insects will be stored in bottle and need to be removed in frequent interval.

Even though pheromone traps cannot attract all types of insects, its the easiest way to attract the insects. Pheromones are available online in India through many websites like agrikendra.com and its cheap and safe compared to any other insecticides.

You can see pheromone traps in different shapes and models, but basic working is same. Its is easy to make a pheromone traps once you get the lure.

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