Tofco Waste Ridder-250 gram



  • For Kitchen Waste Composting
  • To Digest Septic Tank Waste
  • To Eliminate Foul Smell

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Tofco Waste Ridder is a Organic kitchen waste decomposer For Degradation of Solid / Liquid Municipal Waste, Household Waste, Septic Tank Waste and Control of Mosquitoes.

Waste Ridder, is a concentrated spore mixture of multispecies non pathogenic bacteria. Each strain produces multiple enzymes resulting in an extremely powerful biological treatment product, The bacteria present in Waste Ridder can survive in a very wide temperature range (5-50 degree Celsius) and PH range (6.5-8) produces enzymes such as protease, which degrades proteins, lipases, which degrade fats, Amylase, which degrades starch, and cellulose, which breaks down cellulose structure in paper and plant tissues. These organisms are naturally occurring, non genetically modified and are sold without added chemical or enzymes.
The bacteria present in Waste Ridder begin to adapt to the specific condition of temperature, PH and water composition. After a short time each bacteria cell begins to produce enzymes to start the process of degrading a food source as mentioned above and obtains its nutrients. Soon the bacteria begin to reproduce rapidly produceing more enzymes and degrading more organic matter. When the process of Waste degradation happens faster than the addition of new waste, the levels of BOD, SS, COD, nutrients and toxic agents are reduced.
Waste Ridder can be used for the treatments of sewage plants, septic tank and food processing waste tanks, live stock waste tanks drainages etc. It can also be very effectively used in fast composting of municipal waste and hosehold waste. The bacteria in Waste Ridder reduces odor and results in reduction of pollution of surface and ground water sources.
Waste Ridder can be very effectively used in fast composting of kitchen waste to fine manure for your gardens and vegetables.
Waste Ridder is effective for the removal of accumulated organic matter from pipes and drain in Hotels, Hospitals and Individual householders.


Bacteria CFU – gram / ml
A. Liquid …………….. 2 x 109
B. Powder …………… 2 x 107
Enzymes Produced
PH range…………………… 5.5-8
Temperature range …… 5°C-50°C
Oxygen requirements …… aerobic.
facultative an aerobic.


Reduce BOD and COD
Reduce Suspended Solids
Control Odor
Lower FOG
Reduce Sludge Volume
Improve Start up and recovery from shock loading.

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