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FIsh Amino Acid
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Aminoplus is derived from the tissues of oily sea fish. It manufactured by hydrolysis reaction, is very unique with ultra sophisticated biotechnological process whereby ensuring vast availability of free amino acids. Amino acids are fundamental ingredient in the process of protein synthesis. About 18 important amino acids are involved in the process and each function. Studies have proved that amino acid can directly influence the physiological activities of the plants.

Mode of Action and Benefits.

Aminoplus have no residual activity and must be sprayed directly.
Plants absorb amino acid through stomas and it is proportionate to environment temperature.
The requirement of essential amino acids in proper quantities is well known as a means to increase yield and overall quality of crops.
Aminoplus promote faster shoot growth and root formation.
Improve the general health and vigor of the plants
Aminoplus provides protection against pest attack.
Enhances photosynthesis mechanism
Higher yield
Repeated application of Aminoplus may be needed to achieve desired results.


Aminoplus is an organic foliar spray, mix 3/5 ml in 1 ltr water and spray over and under the leaves also in the base of the plant, once in 10 days interval.

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