Grow Star -Bio NPK with Organic Carbon


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  • GrowStar provides major nutrients and phytohormones in readily available form which provides better fertilizer use efficiency – Extra growth & yield.


    GrowStar helps in making the plant healthy and provides early boost to the crop.


    GrowStar is rich in organic carbon. Provide slow fertilizer release.


    GrowStar helps in improving the soil texture and water retention capacity.


    GrowStar helps in mobilizing the existing soil nutrients and soil microflora.


    GrowStar is EcoFriendly.

    • Biological Extracts : 50%
    • Inert Material : 30%
    • Organic Carbon : >20% (on dry basis)
    Recommended Dosage
    • Foliar : 5gm/ ltr
    • Drip : 5gm/ ltr


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Weight 100 g
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