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How to grow Gerbera seeds

Gerbera daisies are a little tricky to grow from seed, but it definitely can be done. Follow these tips for propagating and growing Gerbera daisies from seed in your garden.

Collect Viable Seeds: This is the most important tip! Your Gerbera daisy blossom will soon start to look like a dandelion, covered in seeds, but most of those seeds aren’t viable. The seeds look kind of like little brooms, with a hairy brush at one end and the seed at the other. Sort through the seeds, and choose only the ones with a fat, fertilized seed pod.
Help Pollinate Flowers: To help your plant make more viable seeds, use a small brush (like a makeup brush) to spread pollen from flower to flower. Or when you cut a blossom to use in a flower arrangement, rub its face against another flower to help spread the pollen.
Plant Seeds Now: Fresh seeds germinate better, so plant the seeds right away. Read more

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