Fruit Star- Bio NPK With Organic Carbon


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  • FruitStar helps in activating 60 different enzymes involved in plant growth process.
  • FruitStar increases extra weight, size & fragrance.
  • FruitStar maintains turgor, reduces water loss and wetting.
  • FruitStar enhances translocation of sugars and starch, increases protein content and prevent energy losses.
  • FruitStar improves the physical quality, disease resistance and shelf life of fruit and vegetables used for human consumption – Safe to eat.
  • Biological Extracts : 50%
  • Inert Material : 30%
  • Organic Carbon : >20% (on dry basis)
Recommended Dosage
  • Foliar : 5gm/ ltr
  • Drip : 5gm/ ltr

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